About Aire

Aire is committed to helping people spend responsibly, to control their credit score and get access to financial products.

Passionate about enabling access to financial products.

Aire believes in a singular vision that the world will be a better place when people have fair access to finance. Credit scores are a major part of that process, especially when genuine hard-working people are left out of the ecosystem.

We started this company to right-the-wrong and build an enduring and sustainable credit model. Where people are at the heart of the solution in a transparent, responsible and inclusive manner.

Enabling fair access to finance

A note from the founder

As some of you might know, our work at Aire was the result of frustrations we faced in the current credit-scoring ecosystem. We set out to build Aire to be the change we wanted to see. So this is very personal to us. And therefore our motivations are perhaps different to other types of companies.

Our founders have often stated, publicly, that the problems we are solving might take us 20 years or more to solve. Therefore, since our incorporation, we have established core operating procedures and guiding principles that prepare us to survive, and indeed thrive through multiple business cycles. In spirit of transparency, we wanted to share the ideologies that we believe will help us get there.

Aire will always be focused on the long run and this is reflected in our strategy.

We make decisions that are rooted in strengthening the core operating fundamentals of our company, rather than seeking quick wins. We are aware, that our business environment will keep changing rapidly, which we have to be prepared for.

Research is paramount to Aire and our work. The company will continue to invest actively in research-oriented collaborations and fellowships at universities in the areas of artificial intelligence, machine-learning, neuroscience and design interfaces. Much of our proprietary technology stems from the academic research of our founders. Our culture at Aire, places a strong emphasis on experimenting and the scientific process. Therefore we work hard to recruit people who embody that attitude and then train them further for the skills they need. We trust our people and our hiring practices (which might seem unconventional) but ensure that we preserve that culture.

Aneesh, on behalf of the Aire Squad

Your true credit score.

You build it. You control it.