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'Strategies for expanding the credit box – safely, accurately and by putting the consumer first'

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Tom Oscherwitz, VP Operations and Aire Talks host

‘Join us for future discussions where we’ll be looking into topics like ethics in AI, accelerating innovation, and reducing customer friction in applications.’

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1. Our panel highlights

How to safely expand the credit box

Melissa Koide, Aire Talks panelist

‘We all realize the profound societal changes of the last two years: the Covid-19 pandemic, racial inequality and the foundational needs for access to safe and affordable credit – for everybody’.

2. Our panelists

Meet the experts

Manik Chawla, Aire Talks panelist

‘Before Covid, there was no such playbook for a pandemic. Because of that absence, lenders took a very standard, conservative view to tighten the credit box.’

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