Our mission is to enable access to financial products.

For everyone. Everywhere.

Celebrating uniqueness

We believe that new ideas which are unthinkable today.. become tomorrow’s conventions.

Aire started from one such crazy new idea.. why not let consumers control and own their credit profiles? Why don't we celebrate the uniqueness of people and their circumstances rather than penalise them for not fitting the boxes?

It is frustrating to see how people's credit scores are calculated in this black-box method without any transparency.

That idea has now been recognised by TechStars, European Commission Awards and even cited by the FCA (regulators) as the way forward for credit scoring. And even banks and lenders are joining our consumer-centric ecosystem.

We are solving real problems. Hard problems. Problems that everyone knows someone is facing... financial access and an ethical approach to finance. These really matter to the world we live in.

Ours is a team of serial entrepreneurs who understand the importance of research. We are constantly investing into research and collaborations with universities. We do not believe that our answers are going to just come from all out development. Experiments have always been our top priority. Curiosity will transform those ideas into real products.

A crazy new idea created Aire… and people with such new ideas are always welcomed here.

Want to join the team?

A crazy new idea created Aire.. and people with such new ideas are always welcomed here.

See the life of the 'Aire Squad'

Yup. That's what we call our team... the Aire Squad. Our blog has tried to capture the moments that make this journey worth the effort.

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