Our mission is to enable access to financial products.

For everyone. Everywhere.

Celebrating uniqueness

Aire pursues the most advanced and courageous research into consumer credit and human behaviour. Our products leverage data + technology to help financial systems serve more people, equitably.

Aire started from a crazy new idea.. why not let consumers control and own their credit profiles? Why don't we celebrate the uniqueness of people and their circumstances rather than penalise them for not fitting the boxes? And how do we bring in the element of context into decision making?

It is frustrating to see how people's credit scores are calculated in this black-box method without any transparency.

That idea has now been recognised by TechStars, European Commission Awards and even cited by the FCA (regulators) as the way forward for credit scoring. And even banks and lenders are joining our consumer-centric ecosystem.

We are solving real problems. Hard problems. Problems that everyone knows someone is facing... financial access and an ethical approach to finance. These really matter to the world we live in.

Ours is a team of serial entrepreneurs who understand the importance of research. We are constantly investing into research and collaborations with universities. We do not believe that our answers are going to just come from all out development. Experiments have always been our top priority. Curiosity will transform those ideas into real products.

A crazy new idea created Aire… and people with such new ideas are always welcomed here.

Want to join the team?

A crazy new idea created Aire.. and people with such new ideas are always welcomed here.

Working at Aire is a calling. We are aware that this might not be everyone.

But what we promise is that we are going to absolutely value your time with us and work incredibly hard to make it a great experience. We will do the hard things it takes to ensure that our teams find success.

The challenges we are tackling might take us 20 years or more to solve. That’s why, from the beginning, we’ve sought to consider which guiding principles and ways of working would allow us to endure and excel the inevitable peaks and troughs of the decade to come.
From experience, we know scaling a great culture is hard.

Over time, bad habits and hires sneak in, corners get cut and values get compromised.
A few wrong turns and it isn’t long before we’ve lost our way.

Culture also is possibly one the most abused words out there. We know this and therefore we want us to be extremely honest about it for Aire. The reality is that our culture is still going to get tested and through that it will strengthen.

But as we scale and rise to new heights, we want to guarantee Aire stays on track and true to our purpose. We must continuously shine a light on what’s working well and what needs work. And that’s where you come in.

You’re an important part of the Aire team and a guardian of our culture. Our shared culture.
Whether you’re involved in our research, deploying our code or building out our partner network, Aire exists because of you.

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