Our mission is to enable access to financial products.

For everyone. Everywhere.

Celebrating uniqueness

We believe that new ideas which are unthinkable today.. become tomorrow’s conventions.

Aire started from one such crazy new idea.. why not let consumers control and own their credit profiles? Why don't we celebrate the uniqueness of people and their circumstances rather than penalise them for not fitting the boxes?

It is frustrating to see how people's credit scores are calculated in this black-box method without any transparency.

That idea has now been recognised by TechStars, European Commission Awards and even cited by the FCA (regulators) as the way forward for credit scoring. And even banks and lenders are joining our consumer-centric ecosystem.

We are solving real problems. Hard problems. Problems that everyone knows someone is facing... financial access and an ethical approach to finance. These really matter to the world we live in.

Ours is a team of serial entrepreneurs who understand the importance of research. We are constantly investing into research and collaborations with universities. We do not believe that our answers are going to just come from all out development. Experiments have always been our top priority. Curiosity will transform those ideas into real products.

A crazy new idea created Aire… and people with such new ideas are always welcomed here.

Want to join the team?

A crazy new idea created Aire.. and people with such new ideas are always welcomed here.

Meet Aire

For us, reforming credit scoring has been a personal mission that triggered from various events in our own lives. We don't want to ever see other people have to suffer the same pain.

Aneesh Varma


Aneesh is an engineer with a focus on predictive algorithms and quantitative finance, mixed with experience in consumer finance from working at JP Morgan. He ran a startup in enterprise retail technology. Inspired by his own personal struggle when moving countries, he launched Aire.

Jon Bundy


With 14 years’ experience in finance technology, Jon knows how to build enterprise-grade data and risk products, within large banks or at a nimble startup. He was a senior business analyst at RBS. He has also had roles within fraud detection and AML systems.

Dr. Srini Sundaram

Co-founder, Risk & Algorithms

Srini’s deep expertise in alternate credit scoring and risk management makes him one of the leading authorities on the subject, and he has worked at two of largest FinTech startups in Europe. He is the holder of two patents within machine learning and stochastic processes.

Matt Davies

Head of Partnerships

Matt has significant go-to-market experience for technologies as diverse as image recognition, VR and mobile gaming. Recent experience of working with global partners and translating their needs into deliverables, means Matt is well placed to head up our partnerships ecosystem.

Tim Kimball


Versatile across multiple tech stacks, Tim is an engineer who previously co-founded his own startup in the consumer tech space. A big supporter of TDD and pair-programming, he started his career out in Silicon Valley in the original dot com days. Ask him for stories!

Dr. Andrew Weeks

Data Scientist

With a background in emergence within systems, Andrew is one the leaders in the field of machine learning. He develops Aire’s credit risk algorithm using behavioural and traditional factors. Building models to understand applicant data with verification.

Aleksander Mjakonkihh

Business Analyst

Having gone through the thin-file problem personally, Aleks joined Aire to help others avoid the issue. Having previously worked at RBS, PwC and with an entrepreneurial mind, and approach, he ensures the smooth running of operations at Aire.

Adam Hogge

Software Engineer

Adam began his working life helping developing countries get access to finance, so he understands the difference credit can make. Following a career at JPMorgan and investment banking, he now works as a developer on Aire's software and systems to help make finance fairer.

Dr. Daniel Bhugon

Data Scientist

Bringing a diverse range of experience from pricing of esoteric derivatives, co-designing an employability app with young people and building a P2P lending platform from the ground up, Daniel is passionate about a fairer financial system.

Sagar Shah

Credit Research

Sagar has over 12 years experience in financial services in both retail and operations. He has gained insight into the effects of financial exclusion through having worked in the High Cost Short Term Credit and seeing first hand the issues faced by consumers struggling with the Thin File problem. Sagar has previously worked at PwC, Oakam & HSBC.

Clare Lindley

Software Engineer

Clare has over 10 years experience of web development in media, higher education, travel and the public sector.
Her passion for learning led her to Aire where she can combine her high self-motivation with an enthusiasm towards financial inclusion.

Tom Turner

Data Scientist

Having spent several years trading exotic equity derivatives and hybrid options in London, Hong Kong and Tokyo, Tom has a deep understanding of financial markets and economic trends. He combines these skills with experience in computational risk modeling and data science.

Pete Bulley

Product Manager

Pete has a background in delivering enterprise retail products, previously holding key management roles at startups in London, Shanghai and Bangalore. Sitting at the heart of the company’s operations, he works across all products to help Aire reach it’s objective of enabling access to financial products.

Chris Howlin

Software Engineer

Before joining Aire, Chris worked on mission critical airline systems helping commercial aircraft take off safely and on time. In his spare time he likes to keep up to date with the latest research - his current interest being the rapid rise of machine learning.

Rob Adamson

Software Engineer

With over 15 years' professional experience in technical architecture, design, development, and management, Rob is now at Aire, developing the platform and services, to help its mission for fairer access to financial services. Rob previously worked at MOO, Tate, and Cambridge University.

Tara Hofton

Software Engineer

Tara brings a diverse range of software engineering experience in a variety of sectors including fintech, media and not-for-profit. She is passionate about working with the Aire team to create robust software and systems to the highest standards to help make finance fairer.

Peter Jackson

Non-Executive Director

Peter is heads the innovation function across the Santander Group. He was formerly the CEO of Travelex, and prior to that led the consumer lending team at Lloyds Banking Group.

Sandra Quinn


Previously at the Financial Services Authority, Sandra brings 20+ years of relevant experience in regulations and operations for financial technology companies.

Dr. Joseph Gladstone

Research Fellow

Joe is one of the most accomplished academic researchers in financial decision-making.


Talented mind

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