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Our product is an algorithmic credit scoring engine that emulates the human intelligence of underwriters.

Solving the ‘thin credit file’ problem

A growing population of new borrowers is unable to access credit, as they have very limited historical data in the traditional credit bureau. Estimates suggest over 4.5 billion people globally require a different way to prove their eligibility for credit.

Aire gives people a new credit score to help them qualify for essential financial products. Aire has a strong, ethical brand image and regulatory support that partners will benefit from.

Avoid the pitfalls of other ‘alternate credit scores’ by working with Aire.

The Interactive Virtual Interview.
It’s not just about data. It’s the story behind it.

Our Interactive Virtual Interview (IVI) engages directly with the applicant to evaluate their profession, education, lifestyle and financial maturity. This is similar to how a human underwriter would have interviewed the applicant... adaptive & responsive!

Our machine-learning solution is seamless to implement and also provides companies with access to new markets while optimising acquisition costs. We step in where the automated decision engine is unable to make a decision.

We offer partners peace of mind that the data we source is clean. In an industry that has much ambiguity, we are leading the way in transparency and can help businesses increase their profitability fairly.

We provide global yet lightweight and flexible solutions tailored to partners’ needs. Current data suggests we can increase acceptance by 14% and integration is neither time consuming nor expensive.

Aire integration

Aire API deploys seamlessly into the existing web and mobile workflow of the online credit application forms of typical banks and lenders. It can also be emailed to customers to complete at a later date. Our screens can be fully branded to match the existing layout and styling of our partners. And yes, our screens are fully responsive across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

We are extremely focused on delivering a great user experience. Having been through the experience, it’s the one we would want to see.

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