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Aire gives people a new credit score to help them qualify for essential financial products. For free.

What does Aire do for me?

A credit score that understands you

With a strong credit score, you typically get easier access to or better deals on credit cards, mobile phone tariffs and loans, amongst many other things. Lenders use these scores to assess whether to give you access to these products and at what rate to give them to you.

Unfortunately the traditional credit bureaus struggle to accurately score a large population globally, leaving many people unable to access fair credit products.

Aire works with global, reputable lenders to help them score this population more effectively; enabling them to give fair credit to people they may otherwise have missed due to lack of data.

We are on your side.

So how do you do it?
Where does the data come from?

The fundamental aim of a credit score is to try to establish whether or not a person can or will want to pay back what they borrow. That‘s it.

Our process is built on the core premise that people themselves are the best source of data for their credit profiles. Our algorithm needs to understand some basic information about you that is done by building a credit profile. It‘s simple. It just takes about three minutes and you are in the system.

All our data comes with your consent. You supply it to us. You approve it. You link it. That’s it.

It‘s that radical idea that created Aire.

You're not alone

We don’t give out loans or credit cards. The Aire Credit Score helps you when you apply to banks and other financial institutions, and even for phone contracts and flat rentals.

A credit score is like your CV or resume that businesses can review when you apply for financial products.

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Responsible spending

Aire is committed to helping people spend responsibly, to control their credit score and get access to financial products.