Research @ Aire

Since so much of what we are doing hasn't been done before, we value the importance of research. We have active efforts within the company and also through our partnerships with universities.

Research drives us forward

Our aim is to take our technology into new markets to serve many more people. And for us to get it right, we know we need to constantly further our own research. In many ways, we aim to create a university-like environment to encourage ideas and experiments.

Much of our proprietary technology traces its roots to the academic research of our founders. Which is why, early in its journey, the company took a decision to actively invest in research-oriented collaborations and also support fellowships at leading universities. In particular, our areas of focus are artificial intelligence, unsupervised machine-learning, neuroscience and interface design.

Our culture at Aire, places a strong emphasis on experimenting and the scientific process. Therefore we work hard to recruit people who embody that attitude and then train them further for the skills they need. This influences our people and our hiring practices (which might seem unconventional) but ensure that we preserve that culture.

Quod Erat Demonstrandum.

Aire Fellowships at Universities.

We are currently supporting research into topics relevant to our mission, including alternative credit models, unsupervised machine learning and cognitive science.

Our team has come from a variety of academic experiences ourselves, and value the importance of post-doctorate studies. These are the institutions we are supporting applications for:

Imperial University.

University College London.

Cambridge University.

Harvard University.

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