“Millions of people around the world face the rejection, frustration and confusion of being denied fair access to credit. We know because we’ve been these people, so we’re working to create a world in which nobody is denied the opportunities that credit provides.”
Aneesh, Founder
We've scored over $11 billion of credit risk

First-party data is finally shifting the power balance in credit decisioning towards the consumer.




When it comes to credit,
many of us miss out.

For lenders, access to only historical data has limited their ability to make the credit decisions needed in our modern economy. This impacts everyone, delivering less value for lenders and making access to credit for some, impossible.

But at Aire, we believe the consumer holds the keys to new data that can change this. It’s why we engage directly with consumers to deliver the full picture to lenders. We call this first-party data and it’s shifting the balance for everyone for ever.

After all, credit is a forward-looking agreement. So why look back?

An award-winning approach to credit technology

At the heart of our business are our people. Meet our executive team, with global technology and financial services expertise.

Aneesh Varma, Founder & CEO

Meet Aneesh

Fred Becker, COO

Meet Fred

Pete Bulley, VP Product

Meet Pete

A passion for telling our story

A simple purpose, a personal mission: Aire was established to make credit equitable for everyone. From award wins, to industry engagement and speaking opportunities, we’re passionate about sharing our story with you. 

Aire in action

We’re proud to have earned the support of some of the best backers in the business.

We do things the right way

An early pioneer in the sector, in 2016 Aire became only the fourth CRA in the UK to receive FCA accreditation.

Regulatory responsibility