Our mission

Millions of people around the world face the rejection, frustration and confusion of being denied fair access to credit.

We know this because we’ve been these people.

We're here to create a world in which nobody is refused the opportunities that credit provides.

Too many are missing out

Access to only historical data has limited the ability of lenders to make the credit decisions needed in our modern economy. This impacts everyone, making access to credit for some, impossible.

But we believe the consumer holds the keys to new data that can change this.

After all, credit is a forward-looking agreement. So why look back?

Founded in London in 2014 to make credit equitable.

Our core ideology

Understand their story

Designed for lenders, powered by first-party data.

Pulse from Aire

Insights from Aire are chosen everyday by major financial institutions.

Now fully operational in the US


Peter Jackson


Aneesh Varma

Founder & CEO

Pete Bulley

VP Product

Mark Dreux

VP Commercial

We do things the right way

In 2016, Aire became only the fourth CRA in the UK to receive FCA accreditation.

Regulatory responsibility

Backed by some of the best in the business.

Our future citizens are waiting – we can’t keep them waiting too long.


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