“Millions of people around the world face the rejection, frustration and confusion of being denied fair access to credit. We know because we’ve been these people, so we’re working to create a world in which nobody is denied the opportunities that credit provides.”
Aneesh, Founder
We've scored over $10 billion of value at risk

We think that context improves credit decisions. So when a customer doesn’t meet the criteria of a traditional credit bureau, we offer a second chance. By inviting customers to tell us about themselves, we’ve scored over $10 billion of value at risk.



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For some, access to credit is a given. But for those who don’t meet the narrow requirements of traditional credit bureaus, credit – and the opportunities it provides – can seem out of reach.

We don’t think that’s fair, so we created Aire to help level the playing field.

Our Interactive Virtual Interview helps lenders see the true creditworthiness of their customers by removing unconscious biases and adding much-needed nuance to credit applications.

Our mission is simple: to help lenders make more informed decisions, and to ensure everyone gets the credit they’re due. Now, doesn’t that sound better?

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A major source of frustration for borrowers is the lack of clarity in the decision making process. We try to be the antidote to this, so we’ll never scrape social media for credit analysis – everything we learn about the customer is done with their consent.

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We’re proud to have earned the support of some of the best backers in the business.

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