Transparency isn’t an afterthought at Aire. It’s at the heart of everything we do.

These questions seek to answer your questions about our process, our company and your privacy.

What is Aire?

Aire Labs Inc. is a financial services company that provides a platform for assessing consumer stated income.  We use the data lenders already collect about their customers, combined with our own proprietary income profiles, to provide confidence in a consumer’s stated income and  deliver trust in that consumer’s real-time financial situation.

How does Aire assess income?

Aire’s proprietary income assessment platform compares a consumer’s stated income to their expected income based on factors such as their job title, geographic location, industry, and work experience. Aire’s platform holds over 55 million unique income profiles (and growing!), 250 industries, and 20 employment sectors. We have a canonical list of 1,000 consumer-tested job titles.

What do financial institutions do with information from Aire?

Financial institutions use Aire’s income insights to make better, smarter decisions at originations. Aire can give a financial institution confidence about the income of consumers that other sources simply can’t reach with minimal friction.

How current is the information Aire uses?

Aire’s analysis typically relies on at or near real-time data. Much of the information Aire uses to assess income is obtained directly from consumers at the point of application.  This information is supplemented by Aire’s 55 million income profiles that are constantly updated.

Does Aire collect personally identifiable information?

No. Aire does not collect Personally Identifiable Information (PII). We do not  track individual consumers, nor do we store or compile sensitive personal identifying information. Our income insights come from  employment-related information lenders have already collected about consumers and income profiles that do not rely on personally identifiable information.

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