The hard problems in consumer credit

Dated, delayed, fragmented - the traditional data relied upon in consumer credit today is no longer effective, serving neither lenders or their customers effectively.

At Aire, we believe that the very best source of data lies with the consumer themselves and have pioneered this thinking since 2014.

We call this first-party data and, when gathered directly from the consumer, is both unique and powerful in unlocking the real-time, financial context of the individual: the full story, the holistic picture, the truth.

First-party data is finally shifting the power balance in credit decisioning towards the consumer.

Brand new data, direct from the consumer

Relevant engagement

Unlocking an individual’s most current affordability, Aire validates individual financial attitudes and beliefs to identify, in real-time, the very earliest indicators of financial distress or hardship.

Understand in real-time

The most highly personalised source of information available, validated first-party delivers lasting value to lenders by collecting insight based on work, skills, education, housing and relationship status – as well as dependents and depth of savings.




Regulatory integrity

Built specifically to adhere to established standards in the UK and US, Aire delivers auditable credit insight to lenders, strengthening regulatory evidence of compliant account handling.

The most holistic view of your customer available

Access rapid, actionable insight on the current financial situation of your existing customers, seamlessly and at scale.

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Market sectors

Credit cards

From validating most current affordability to credit limit management, Aire helps credit card companies make more informed decisions at point of acquisition and customer management.

Personal loans

By engaging directly with consumers, Aire provides more detailed insights to help lenders make better decisions from initial amounts lent to ongoing account management.

Retail finance

Working at the point of sale, Aire helps influence marginal decisions, identifying early indicators of risk of financial distress, increasing acceptance rates but not delinquency.

Car finance

Aire assists with lending decisions for flexible ownership and payment plans, as well as provide insightful support for customers in early delinquency to deliver positive outcomes – on both sides.


We are delighted to have partnered with Aire on the use of their technology in our creditworthiness assessment. Not only will it lead to better outcomes for our customers, it fits with our Financial Services strategy of delivering agile deployments of cutting-edge technology and data modelling.
Head of Credit, N Brown PLC

First-party data, explained

Everything you need to know about first-party data from Aire. Discover what it is, why it matters and how we all stand to benefit.

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Toyota Financial Services

More focused decision making whilst delivering greater customer convenience 25% improvement in resolution time

The problem

Toyota Financial Services wanted to resolve cases more quickly and help their Customer Outcomes Team allocate resources more efficiently, whilst improving interaction with customers and delivering better customer outcomes.

The solution

Aire provides Toyota Financial Services (TFS) with unique predictive insights, built by reaching out to the customer via email and SMS and inviting them to complete the Interactive Virtual Interview. These insights help TFS improve resolution times and have better conversations with their customers.

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Now available in the US

Based out of Washington DC, Aire now offers access to first-party data for US lenders to inform affordability and ability-to-pay decisioning.

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