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Dated, delayed, fragmented - traditional data sources risk serving neither financial institutions or their customers effectively.

At Aire, we've pioneered this thinking since 2014, believing that the very best source of data lies with the consumer themselves.

Welcome to a fairer, more accessible standard in financial services, powered by first-party data.

First-party data is finally shifting the power balance in financial decisioning towards the consumer.


First-party data empowers the consumer to represent themselves in the financial ecosystem and to be heard.


First-party data speeds up the income assessment process in reducing drop outs as well as the need for manual verification.




Consumers stand to benefit from fairer access to new or improved financial products, at the right level.

First-party data, explained

Your guide to what it is and why it matters.


For decades the use of first-party data has been embraced in fraud prevention yet overlooked more broadly – until now.

We explore why

Confidence in stated income, fast

Designed for financial institutions, powered by first-party data.

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First-party data is both unique and powerful in unlocking the real-time, financial context of the individual: the full story, the holistic picture, the truth
Aneesh Varma, Founder and CEO