How Aire works

Credit scoring currently only evaluates how a borrower has behaved in the past. But for those who don't have an extensive credit history, Aire helps inform lending decisions by predicting how they'll behave in the future.

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Aire’s API integrates seamlessly into your platform, providing virtual interviews and using machine learning to create personalised credit scores based on things that really matter — like financial maturity, career and lifestyle.

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The outputs from Aire are significantly orthogonal to the traditional credit bureau data. This helps improve the overall scorecard performance at the lender, adding notable credit risk differentiation against homogenous cohorts.


Aire brings together a series of advanced technologies, including deep financial analytics, data referencing and our Interactive Virtual Interview. Individually, each of these technologies represents a significant performance gain over traditional credit bureaus, but together, the effect can offer as much as a 12-14% lift in credit acceptance rates.


‘Presume nothing, investigate everything.’ That’s the attitude of the data scientists and underwriters who work tirelessly on Aire’s model governance. By doing so, they ensure that our risk model yields consistent, credible results, free from artificial bias.

How it works

Aire could help you deliver up to a 14% uplift in credit acceptance without increasing risk appetite. Here’s how:

The interview

When an applicant’s initial credit check returns insufficient data, they will be seamlessly redirected to an Aire Interactive Interview.

The evaluation

They will be asked a series of tailored questions to establish a more three dimensional view of their financial situation, lifestyle and profession.

The score

The Aire algorithm packages and scores the results, providing you with the information you need to make a more informed credit decision.

Make better decisions

Real-time API integration gives customers another way to tell us about themselves.

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