We’re working with lenders from a wide cross-section of industries to help build a more financially inclusive society.

To date, we’ve scored over $11 billion of credit, without increasing risk appetite. By integrating Aire into the credit scoring process, lenders can effortlessly forge new, mutually beneficial relationships with customers who would have otherwise been turned away.

We've scored over $11 billion of value at risk.

Market sectors we are active in

Credit cards

From affordability to limit setting, Aire can help credit card companies make more informed decisions at the point of acquisition.

Personal loans

Aire’s Interactive Virtual Interview provides more detailed insights into customers helping lenders make better decisions from initial amounts lent to ongoing account management.

Car finance

As car ownership models are changing, Aire can assist with lending decisions for flexible ownership and payment plans, as well as provide insightful support for customers in delinquency, helping more positive outcomes for both parties.

Retail finance

Working at the point of sale, Aire is helping influence marginal decisions, increasing acceptance rates but not delinquency.

Now available in the USA

On both sides of the Atlantic, it can be difficult for people to gain access to credit if they’ve just arrived, are just passing through or are just getting started. So we’ve extended our service to cover the USA.

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Case study

Toyota Financial Services

More focused decision making whilst delivering greater customer convenience 25% improvement in resolution time

The problem

Toyota Financial Services wanted to resolve cases more quickly and help their Customer Outcomes Team allocate resources more efficiently, whilst improving interaction with customers and delivering better customer outcomes.

The solution

Aire provides Toyota Financial Services (TFS) with unique predictive insights, built by reaching out to the customer via email and SMS and inviting them to complete the Interactive Virtual Interview. These insights help TFS improve resolution times and have better conversations with their customers.

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We are delighted to have partnered with Aire on the use of their technology in our creditworthiness assessment. Not only will it lead to better outcomes for our customers, it fits with our Financial Services strategy of delivering agile deployments of cutting-edge technology and data modelling.
Stuart Daniels, Director of Credit Risk and Fraud at N Brown Group
At TFS we are dedicated to exploring better ways of working to benefit our customers’ ever-changing needs. Working with Aire you can be sure that you are ahead of the curve in using the most up-to-date approach to understanding your customer’s situation. Aire has adapted its credit assessment technology so that it exactly fits our needs, and we will use this evaluation to build the best solution possible in close collaboration with the Aire team.
Fran Kenny, Operations Director at Toyota Financial Services
Aire is one of the few businesses that follow a vision of making finance more accessible by taking the full picture of credit applicants and their individual situations into account. The compelling thing about Aire is that providing better credit assessments does not only help advance the well-being of consumers, it also means massive increases in efficiency for lenders.
Peter Jackson, Chairman at Aire

We do things the right way

A major source of frustration for borrowers is the lack of clarity in the decision making process. We try to be the antidote to this, so we’ll never scrape social media for credit analysis – everything we learn about the customer is done with their consent.

Regulatory responsibility

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