Credit insight, in a heartbeat

We believe in the value of unlocking the individual context of each consumer. A present-day picture, full of promise, built to inform your approach to customer management.

Pulse from Aire delivers rapid, actionable insight on the current financial situation of your existing customers, fast.

Fully operational in the US

Last year we expanded our service to the USA and are now fully operational out of Washington DC.


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Building the new normal in consumer credit

Validated Disposable Income

Validated using our unique set of context data, Pulse returns a positive or negative GBP value of your customer’s most current disposable income.




Risk of Financial Difficulty

Built to reflect the latest FCA guidance, Pulse signals any of the risk factors associated with financial difficulty by delivering a true/false indicator.

Measure of Engagement

Pulse helps to prioritise your outreach by measuring the level of interaction of your customers.

Make manual outreach obsolete

Pulse does the hard work for you, helping you save up to £60 per existing customer.

Easy outreach

Tell us who you need to reach and Pulse gets to work, reaching out to your customers via personalised SMS and email.

One digital conversation

Ready to complete online and at their convenience, our Interactive Virtual Interview arrives with your customers.

A unique, holistic picture

Pulse gathers the most up to date insight on your customer’s current financial situation, as it happens.


Rapid, actionable insights

Analysed and interrogated, a unique set of insights are delivered back to inform credit decisioning, from credit limit increases to risk of financial difficulty. 

First-party data, explained

Pulse from Aire gathers first-party data, direct from the consumer, to deliver a truly holistic level of credit insight to lenders.

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Clearer insight

A credit pulse check that better protects your existing loan book, Pulse provides Validated Disposable Income and Risk of Financial Difficulty indicators alongside actionable measure of engagement insight. 

Digital outreach

Remove the cost and inconsistency of manual customer management processes by replacing lengthy, individual phone outreach with a single digital solution, built with your customer at its heart.

Fully auditable

Strengthen your regulatory evidence of compliant account handling, even if things change rapidly for your existing customers.

Created to spot financial change as it happens, Pulse provides a truly holistic picture gathered from the most valuable, reliable and real-time data source available - the consumer themselves.
Aneesh Varma, Founder and CEO

Built to reflect current regulation

Latest regulation

Pulse delivers fully auditable credit insight for lenders, built specifically to adhere to established standards set out by the FCA within CONC 1.3 (Financial Difficulties) and CONC 5.2A (Creditworthiness Assessment).

Model governance

Pulse insights follow a model governance process that provides lenders with the required documentation for audit by the FCA. Insights generated do this by following a set of recorded steps, including our approach to validation.

Consumer first

Aire meets the consumer statutory responsibilities for credit reference bureaus. Reviewed by the FCA, consumers can directly access this information.

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