Income insight, in a heartbeat

150 million people are employed across the US. Reach all of them, with Pulse.

Pulse uses employment characteristics to validate the stated income of any consumer.

Mark Dreux, VP Commercial

‘From acquisition to credit limit management, Pulse delivers – embedding seamlessly into your existing credit waterfall’

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Starting with the consumer

Pulse uses a range of employment data taken from your existing application journey or using our own simple, user interface.

Validated income insights

Utilizing over 1,000 matched job titles and three million data points.

Providing confidence, in real-time

Income insights are returned instantly via API or batch processing.

Valued across the lender lifecycle

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Market sectors

Credit cards

Acquire new customers and better serve existing portfolios with a frictionless income solution. Pulse helps you to assess an individual’s ability to pay with confidence at all stages of the credit lifecycle.

Personal loans

Remove friction and increase conversion with a seamless income solution for your loan approval process. Pulse assesses an individual’s stated income in real time, helping you reduce the need for expensive manual checks.

Retail finance

Working with lenders at the point of sale, Pulse helps influence marginal decisions.

Validated income on those the rest can't reach

Narrow data ranges, bespoke to your customer

Leverage the power of consumer insight

Build your confidence with Pulse.

Aire Talks

Strategies for expanding the credit box – safely, accurately and by putting the consumer first.

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