Alternative credit scoring

Aire helps people who are incorrectly rejected due to no credit history by providing an alternative credit score. Engaging directly with our consumers, our mission is to enable access to finance for everyone.

Re-inventing credit scoring

Current credit models solely depend on past repayment behaviour to predict future creditworthiness. This means that any missing credit history, and the score drops significantly. That is why customers with a “thin-file” get incorrectly rejected.

Thin-file: This includes people that don't have much in the way of a financial history in their file. Most are new borrowers, like students, migrants & expats, some are recent divorcees, and even high-net worth individuals.

Those consumers don't have a trail of data for the credit scoring process to work. However research from credit bureaus has shown that 46% of these thin-file consumers are infact great at credit. The problem is that current credit scoring models dont serve everyone.

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To build the most robust credit model, we need data sets that are not considered in traditional credit scores and can only come directly from the consumer. Users build their profiles to us insights such as their professional background, academic merit, decision-making and risk attitude. This gives our algorithm a deeper understanding of the consumer's creditworthiness, which allows businesses to make more accurate lending decisions.

Safe. Secure. Transparent.

Aire puts you in total control of your credit score. All our data comes with the consent of consumer. And you have full access to it and can delete it off at any time. It's safe and fully backed by SSL security.

Financial inclusion matters to the world

  • Someone with a bad credit score is not a necessarily a bad person.

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