Alternative credit score

Aire helps people without a credit history to get basic financial products. Sign-up and build your own alternative credit score if you have no past credit data and are being incorrectly rejected.

Re-inventing credit scoring


Current credit models solely depend on past repayment patterns to calculate credit scores. This means that any missing credit history, and the score drops significantly.

Thats why people who are new borrowers, like students, migrants & expats and even military folk get incorrectly rejected because they have a “thin-file”.

Sign up.. and take control of your credit score

We believe that people themselves are the best source of credit information rather than building a black-box model that is not even transparent about credit scores. Work with us directly.. and help show us why you deserve credit. What makes you trustworthy? The ball is in your court.

Help us.. help you.

Safe. Secure. Transparent.

Aire puts you in total control of your credit score. All our data comes with the consent of consumer. And you have full access to it and can delete it off at any time. It's safe and fully backed by SSL security.

Financial inclusion matters to the world

  • Someone with a bad credit score is not a necessarily a bad person.

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