Your true credit score.

You build it. You control it.

Globally, over 4.5 billion people have 'thin credit files' limiting their access to financial services.

Aire gives people a new credit score to help them qualify for essential financial products.

Formed by a collective of engineers, researchers and entrepreneurs, Aire is redefining how the market approaches credit scoring with the right moral compass. By harnessing industry expertise, machine learning and an in-depth understanding of the issues facing many people, Aire has created a service that allows businesses to access a new, financially capable population.

Made in London. For the World.

The benefits of partnering with Aire

Helping you qualify for essential financial products.

This is your score. You build it. You control it.

We believe that people themselves are the best source of data for their credit and identity profiles. We use a fresh new approach to credit scoring that is built ground-up from first principles but still respecting the privacy of our users.

You submit the data that helps prove your case. You can build your own credit profile and control the entire process.

We are here to democratise credit scores.

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We believe that new ideas, which are unthinkable today, become tomorrow’s conventions.

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