Credit scores. For humanity.

Your true credit score.

You build it.
You control it.

And it's designed to be as unique as you are.

Been incorrectly rejected because you have a 'thin credit-file'?

Finally, a credit score that understands that not everyone lives the same life. It's not fair to be rejected just because you have had different circumstances.

Current credit scores are solely calculated based on past repayment history and antiquated checks. This means that any missing historical data, and your score drops drastically. For all the wrong reasons!

Aire gives you a new credit score to help you qualify for essential financial products. It's made for everyone including new borrowers like students, expats, migrants and even the military.

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Designed around you.

Everything we do is driven with your consent. This is your score. You build it. You control it.

We believe that people themselves are best source of data for their credit profiles. Our algorithm uses a fresh new approach that is built ground-up from first principles.

It starts with you submitting the data that helps prove your case. Build up your own credit profile and controlling the entire process. We redesigned the entire process to democratise credit scores.

All our data comes with your consent. There is no data-mining or sneaky-scraping going on here. It's the radical idea that created Aire.

Financial inclusion matters to the world

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